Successfully marketing your Bucks County condo or townhome takes experience, knowledge of your neighborhood, and a web heavy marketing plan.  Most agents will just enter your home into the MLS computer and hope the phone rings.  A month will pass by and you will start wondering why buyers don't seem to be interested in your home.  To make sure that this doesn’t to you, I have compiled a list of the "Costly Mistakes Even Smart Bucks County Sellers Make" so that you can make sure you hire the right agent for the job.  To maximize your chances of a sale, make sure your agent does the following:

  1. 1. Sends you a weekly update showing all of the new homes on the market, those that have gone under agreement and sold.  It is important to keep on top of the market and know what your competition is doing so you know how you stack up and where you stand in the local market.
  2. 2. Provides feedback from all showings so you know what buyers are thinking and saying about your home.  This way you can "hear it from the horses mouth" so to speak.  I provide you with your own personal website that you can check at your leisure any time of day, or night to see what potential buyers said about your home, and also to see what I've done to market your property.
  3. 3. Invests extra so your home can be found by the maximum number of buyers giving it the best chance to sell for the highest price possible.  Not only is your home advertised on the large national websites such as,, Zillow etc. but if you opt in to my Platinum Listing Standard your home will be upgraded on these sites giving it the maximum exposure on these sites.  I will also create a personal website for your home that stands alone so potential buyers can preview your home and all it's wonderful ammenities and upgrades without the clutter of all the other homes on the market surrounding it.  Regardless of your choice to join the Platinum Standard, or not I will showcase your home on my website and in my blogs.  Often times, my blogs are featured on the first page of relevant Google searches.
  4. 4. As part of my Platinum Listing Standard I will bring in a Professional Photographer so your home looks it's best on the web and in the custom brochures.  The photographer will also create a virtual tour.  Considering 80% of all buyers start their new home search on the web it is important to have a strong web presence and give the buyers the ability to preview your home right from their computer.
  5. 5. Another aspect of my Platinum Listing Standard is based around removing the buyers fear, and making sure you don't have a deal fall through only weeks before closing due to unknown issues.  The biggest reaon buyers aren't jumping into the market today is because they are scared from all of the doom and gloom they are hearing in the national media.  Even though rates today are at historic lows, and home prices have stabalized in our area many buyers are still on the fence.  To help them over come their fear I personally pay for a Home Inspection from one of the areas most respected Inspection Companies.  You might be thinking, "Hold on a minute! I don't want to tell potential buyers what's wrong with my house.  I want you to sell them on all of the good things it has to offer."  However, one of the top reasons deals fall through now-a-days is because of home inspection issues and it is a much worse spot for the seller to be in than the buyer.  Imagine after negotiating a sales price you're happy with you begin packing your things for the move to your new home and then after being off of the market for 2 - 3 weeks you find out something came up in the home inspection and now your buyers are backing out.  Now you have to put your home back on the market, disclose what was wrong, and in all likeliness still ahve to fix it.  So, instead of going through all of the misery I'll pay for the home to be pre-inspected and if there are items that need to be taken care of I can recommend some fantastic vendors to you who have helped my clients and I out in the past.  Not only do you avoid the misery of being off the market for 2 - 3 weeks and having to relist, but imagine yourself in the buyers shoes.  A pre-inspected home with a list of the repairs made eases a good bit of fear don't you think?  On top of this I purchase a One Year Home Warranty for the buyers to help ease that fear even more.
  6. 6. Provides sellers and buyers access to local reliable vendors who can assist in making the entire process easier.  You know how hard it is to find a reliable handyman.  Not hard at all I've been working with one for years.  Need a painter, flooring co., roofer etc.?  Over the years I have found many reliable vendors that I can share with you to make the entire process easier. 
  7. 7. Are you tired of making calls only to leave a voicemail and then having to wait to hopefully receive a call back?  So do I and so do potential buyers.  When you hire me you receive an entire team for the price of oneThe Cosack Team comes together with over 30 years of real estate experience and is one of the areas Elite Real Estate Teams winning numerous awards for productivity.  However, I know awards don't mean anything to you if your home doesn't sell.  Checkout our Client's Testimonials here.
  8. Make sure you don't end up with a Realtor who doesn't dedicate the time and energy, or who doesn't have the knowledge and skill to get your home sold for top dollar in today's market.  For some ideas on how to improve your home so that it sells for top dollar checkout this link here:


How To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar In Bucks County